About BIAS.

BIAS - Bowling Club Administration System.

email: kvange@yahoo.co.uk

BIAS began at Knaphill Bowling Club in 2018 when Keith, the developer, created a software application to help members avoid those frequent trips to the clubhouse to check game sheets, apply for selection, etc. Other clubs saw it and liked it, and it grew from there. Originally designed for outdoor clubs, BIAS has grown to encompass the needs of indoor clubs too.

Once your club has registered, you become part of the BIAS family. All your members will have immediate and comprehensive access to team selection, rink booking, leagues, competitions, rink diaries, and much, much more. All without a single visit to the club.

Interaction with BIAS is by web portal or email. Members can do most things on their mobile phones. They are kept up to date with bookings, matches and competition status by automatic email reminders before games. As soon as a match completes, the captain can upload the result for all to see.

BIAS is a complete system, with no add-ons to buy later. Everyone gets everything, and it’s continually improving too. Users are encouraged to suggest enhancements they would like, and the resulting improvements benefit all users. BIAS is constantly growing and evolving, giving your club the very latest and best features.

BIAS has far too many features to cover in this short article. For full details of what BIAS has to offer, Keith is always happy to provide a comprehensive demonstration via Zoom. Please contact him on the email address above.

The only way to truly appreciate BIAS is to try it. We offer a free trial for an entire season, so you and your members can familiarise yourselves with BIAS and see how it fits with your club. And if you decide to adopt BIAS, a simple annual per-member pricing scheme applies, always charged in arrears. You can walk away at any time. We want you to stay willingly, not because you’re locked in.

So, to summarise, you can try BIAS for a whole season without commitment. You’ll get the full package, and if you decide to keep it, which we’re confident you will, you’ll pay a simple annual per-member subscription in arrears—we never expect payment in advance.

We’d love you to contact us on the email address above, and try BIAS at your club. There is absolutely nothing to lose and we’re sure you’ll be impressed.

The BIAS team

BIAS stores and processes data as an agent of your club in accordance with your clubs data protection policy. BIAS does not use your data for any other purpose. Information is kept securely. Backups are kept for one year for the sole purpose of disaster recovery.

The BIAS software suite is protected by UK copyright law. Any account granting access BIAS is solely to be used for that purpose and must not be passed to, or shared with, any third party. Keith's contact details are on the contact page. Please click here for further information.

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